First Impressions- Sahmurai Sword and TY Products Tyre Yoghurt

This review is long overdue to be honest. I actually got sent the Sahmurai Sword tubeless tyre repair kit at the start of ‘summer’, and TY’s Tyre Yoghurt sealant and valves shortly after. Long story short, I excitedly installed both on one of my bikes at the first chance I got, but with DH World Cup commitments, work, and life in general, I haven’t been riding a whole lot since. So this isn’t the long term test I’d planned but more of a first impressions type of review; mainly because I’ve yet to have a puncture, and don’t really fancy sticking a nail through my tyre just to see how it goes!

I can say that TY’s Tyre Yoghurt does its job well. I set my 650b+ rig with 3″ tyres tubeless and despite the bike being sat around a couple of weeks at a time while I’m on my travels at races, pressure loss has been minimal. Fair to say its doing its job then. Its latex and ammonia free, so there’s no unpleasant odour. The yoghurt contains millions of fibres permanently suspended in the sealant and they claim it wont dry out or ball up (mine hasnt so far) and it’ll fix holes up to 4mm and up to 5mm cuts. Again, we’ll have to take their word for it for now, but I’ll let you know how I get on.

The main thing you need to know about TY is it’s not latex-based so works a little different to a lot of other sealants. The first thing you notice about Tyre Yoghurt, apart from its purple hue (it actually does kinda look like yoghurt) is how thick it is. So to the installation. With this stuff, squirting it through the valve hole wont get you very far and it needs a little help to coat the inside of the tyre fully.

My tip is to coat the inside of the tyre lightly with sealant, then add some extra before you finish seating the tyre. I used about 120ml per tyre in my fat 3.0’s but I reckon 100ml would be fine for standard tyres.

In short then, a good product, works well, less harmful and unpleasant than most of its competition even if it takes a little longer to get set up. Oh and it’s available in 500 or 150ml sizes. I also got a set of TY’s own tubeless valves to check out. There’s not much you can say about a valve but I thought the flat base and soft rubber seal on the rim side was a neat touch. Getting a tight, leak-free seal was easy at first attempt. My only criticism would be that on my test set, the cap screws on to the valve core rather than the stem. It hasn’t caused any issues, but you do worry about loosening the valve core every time you unscrew the cap. I’m told this has been sorted on the more recent ones though. They come in black or red, 40mm length only and are £18 a pair.

Right then, with the tyres set up tubeless, on to the Sahmurai Sword.

There are a bunch of tubeless repair kits on the market; all of them work in a similar way- You have a reamer and plug tools and a few plug strips to fill holes in your tyres- not many of them though can be stashed neatly inside your handlebars. This is an awesome idea if you’re like me and like to carry as few spares as you can get away with on a ride, and usually end up needing the thing you decided you could do without, just before a long walk home! Another bonus is the plug strips are long enough that you could cut them in half and get double the life out of a kit.

The tools slot inside your bars exactly as you’d fit any bar plug really. They’ve been a snug, secure fit in the two sets of bars I’ve used them with and never felt like i was going to loose one despite a few close calls with trees or terra firma. As I’ve mentioned already, I cant really comment on how it performs in use but the tools look and feel as good if not better than most others I’ve used. I’ll update this once I’ve had the need for it but initial impressions are good. Really good. Sahmurai Sword isn’t the cheapest repair kit out there, but when you’re not pushing your bike home because it was already stashed inside your bike before you went out, you’ll feel the £25 was well spent. Its a well thought out kit, that does its job well and looks cool on the bike too. What more do you need?

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