Review: Bontrager Rally MIPS

So the time has come to replace my old Fox Metah after a crash destroyed it, this upset me as it was an absolutely mint lid.

So, I pop down to the local bike shop and get chatting about helmets, riveting I know.

I decided to go for the Bontrager Rally MIPS instead of waiting for a fox helmet to be delivered. I don’t like the look of the dropframe so I decided not to get that.

I digress: the Bontrager.

The details:

First of all, price. The helmet retails at £99.99 so it’s not your usual cheap lid that’s not made by Fox or TLD.

Bontrager’s products are usually around about the same price as the above brands but, they also match the quality. Everything I have had feels well made and fit for purpose – quality in how it is put together and if I’m honest, it feels very similar in terms of quality to the Fox lid I previously owned.

The helmet has a MIPS tightener, so you know that’s built well. It’s comfy and looks like it costs what it does.

The helmet comes with an adjustable visor for that enduro goggles look and a magnetic torch bracket that can also mount a GoPro.

So, overall, it looks nice (if you don’t buy the orange one!), it’s well made, it’s comfortable and has a few nice little features.

How it rides:

The maiden voyage, a trip to Wharncliffe woods. My favourite place to ride and a location that requires protection that feels safe and is also comfortable on the long and many climbs.

The ride was about 11 miles long with 2500ft of climbing and the lid stayed on through the lot. It’s well ventilated and stays comfy even on the humid hot days.

When riding downhill the goggles stay in place and the helmets visor can be adjusted so the goggles fit perfect without sitting on your nose.

All in all, the helmet rides well, the MIPS is as you would expect. It’s a weird feeling with the helmet being able to move around more but that’s more personal preference than product quality. Personally, I prefer a tighter feel but hey ho, MIPS is apparently safer.

I can’t comment on the magnetic torch holder, it feels safe enough, but I wouldn’t put a £400 camera on it without tethering it to the helmet itself, I’m just paranoid. The helmet is as adjustable as any helmet I’ve used and ultimately performed well.

Weight wise it feels about as heavy as any other MTB lid I’ve worn, nothing to shout about but nothing to moan about.

Final verdict:

If you’re after a lid that fits well, feels like a quality product and is something that is a tad cheaper than the other BIG brands. Or maybe if you don’t like what’s on offer and want something new then you can’t really go wrong with the Bontrager Rally MIPS.

It’s a sturdy, comfortable lid with a few nice features from a trusted brand. What more do I need to say?

Don’t skimp on the price of a helmet, try one on first and view this one as an option.

Thanks to Trek Bicycle Sheffield for the product and helmet chat!

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