Review: Halo Vortex

Breaking a rim or wheel is crap.

Well, it’s more than crap but I shouldn’t use those words, but this is exactly what had happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I dented a rim in Wharncliffe Woods, and while I initially thought it was fine, it turned out not to be the case. I had a race the following week and needed the bike running well. So, I needed a new rim at least, to which I thought I might as well upgrade the stock set up on my bike.

I messaged Henry at Tony Butterworth Cycles and asked him about their halo wheels. I have heard incredible things about the wheel’s strength and weight, so I thought id give it a go, it’s also all black, which suits my bike.

£90 later and the bike was laced up with a new rim built around the existing hub and spokes.

How did it hold up? The rim felt solid from the off, allowing you to instantly feel confident in the product. This is always a nice feeling, when something just works from the get-go; no need to feel it out. It instantly felt at home on the bike. Tubeless set up was a breeze, the rim comes set up ready for tubeless and held air the whole way through the race, so perfect on that front too.

As far as the hub feels and works, I can’t report on that as I only went for the rim.

A full rear wheel though is £150 so it’s priced in the same bracket as Bontragers standard rim (£130).

The rim feels solid and confidence inspiring, so I’d give it a thumbs up. It’s been on the bike for about three weeks now and has survived the Boltby Bash and trip to Bike Park Wales so I can’t really moan at all.

In short: Strong. Reliable and good value.


  • 33mm internal width vortex.
  • Asymmetric design to equalise spoke tension.
  • Hand built and fitted with tubeless tape.

So if you are in the market for a new wheel or rim that wont break the bank. There you have it. The Halo Vortex available from Tony Butterworth’s in Sheffield.

Thanks to Henry and the team for getting the bike set up in good time and prepped for a race weekend.

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