Malverns Classic 2019 – CANCELLED

Dubbed the ‘Glastonbury of Mountain Biking’, the rain got too much for the landowners and the H&S officials

Taken from the 2018 Festival // Malverns Classic FB

After what was such a successful 2018, every mountain biker and their dog was looking forward to the GT Bicycles Malverns Classic 2019. It seemed everybody I spoke to online was talking about it and only in a good way, the news of the cancellation has certainly upset a few, but everybody is understanding of why it has had to be called off this year.
The scenes at Download Festival (which opened to the public on Tuesday) can only have been a warning for what would have been the Malverns Classic 2019. Although Download expects a lot more numbers than the Malverns Classic, our mountain bike tyres would have seen the land turn out much worse than just some wellies, it’s also much more difficult to keep balance on a bike than on your feet.

So why was it cancelled?

Si Paton (Festival director) uploaded the below video to the Malverns Classic Facebook Page explaining why they have had to cancel. Give it a watch:

Si explaining the festival cancellation // Malverns Classic Facebook

To sum it up, Si explains in the video that he has met with the landowners and the ‘safety people’ and they are having to call it off. The video pans for you to see the entrance which would be incredibly difficult to get through, despite their best efforts to keep everybody away from it. Si explains that it has been raining a lot more than expected, which can be said for the whole of the UK, and it would be difficult to get everybody in and even more difficult to get them out.
Everybody trying to get their cars unstuck from the mud would be a safety risk as you cant predict where the car will go if it can’t get traction, it would also destroy the land which will definitely displease the land owners and, if we all want the event to go ahead in future years, we need to keep them happy… It’s not exactly the Malverns Classic if it isn’t in the Malverns!

What about my money?!?

Fear not, Si has explained that refunds are currently being processed and you should automatically receive them through the ticket seller that you purchased your ticket through.

There is the option of transferring your ticket to next years event, if you 100% know you will go to the Malverns Classic 2020 then you really should select this option. After the financial hit the festival would be taking for cancelling, selecting this option would keep some money in the pot to ensure that it doesn’t run dry and next years event can go ahead!

Well what’s stopping this happening next year?!?

It was just unfortunate this year that we saw such a high amount of rainfall just before the festival, and it is unlikely to happen again. Si has taken extra precautions, however, and the Malverns Classic 2020 will be in the last weekend of August. Looking at weather patterns, August is definitely a much better month to host the festival, we can expect less rain and more sunshine! Also, with it being the end of August, we won’t have too much blistering heat and can expect to feel the coolness of September coming through, important when we will be riding bikes all day.

We will all be looking forward to Malverns Classic 2020, unfortunately its my anniversary weekend so I will have to come up with a really good excuse if I plan on attending… Anyway, see you next year (maybe)!

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