Anatomy of my Crash

I had a crash yesterday (I feel like I’m saying that a lot recently! haha). I came out of the crash with a sense of satisfaction though. Yep – satisfaction. It wasn’t a bad one. I cut my arm and bruised my leg but that’s it. 

So, here’s what happened : 

I was riding a short trail. It’s narrow single track traversing down a hill side. You come up to a wall, anchor on the breaks and turn left into a steep chute. The chutes about 40m long and is steep enough​​​​​​​that your backside is out over the rear wheel. This time was different though…

I was riding in the rain. It had been raining for a few hours. There’s atree over the left turn at the top of the chute. The weight of the rain hadpulled some branches down to eye level. As I turned into the chute the branchescaught me at eye level. I naturally put the front brake on to slow down until I wasthrough the branches then BAM. The front wheel goes. I’m out the front door and ​​​​​​​sliding down the chute and over the rocks.

What had happened, is I had turned my wheel left into the chute and hit a root at the EXACT same time I put the front brake on. Because I was focused on the trees and judging when I was going to hit the branches, I hadn’t clocked the (very wet) root. A slight dab of the f. brake and that’s it. Off you come.

So, why was I satisfied? 

Because I’d crashed in a new way. As I get better and better at riding I crash less and less. When I do crash now, I don’t always learn something. It’s usually I already know and a mistake I’ve made in the past. It brings it to the front of your mind and you don’t make that mistake again.

This was different.
​​​​​​​I knew my view was obscured and was prepared. What I WASN’T preparedfor was the line I’d be taking through the chute as I rode through the branches.

I was satisfied because this was a mistake I’d not made before. A lesson I’ve not yet learnt. Next time – I’ll be scanning the floor for obstacles in case I need to brake again there (and at similar types of trail).

Next time you crash, consider afterwards :

– What caused that crash?
​​​​​​​- How could I stop it happening again?
– What have I learnt

You become a MILES better rider by making mistakes and crashing…as long​​​​​​​as you learn from them! 

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