5 MTB Injury Tips!

Here’s 5 tips for maintaining (or improving!) your fitness while you are injured.

1. See a professional
Boring tip, but you really need to get the injury checked by a professional first to get it diagnosed and so you can be given proper recovery advice.

2. Gradually build up
Take steps to get back fighting fit. Don’t go from zero to 100%. You need to gradually build it back up. Step by step.

3. Do what you can
Do what you can and work around your injury. If your upper is injured, train lower in the gym and get on a static bike. If your legs are injured, get on the upper body work! Do what you can.

4. Stay positive
​​​​​​​Easier said than done, but when you are injured you need to stay positive.
​​​​​​​It’s frustrating as hell not being able to ride like you normally can… but you’ll be back on the bike soon. It might feel unfair and annoying… but think of people who’ve had real accidents. Life changing accidents. An injury is nothing compared to that.

5. Keep disciplined
It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and not ride or train and just sit at home ​​​​​​​eating chocolate. Don’t do that! Stay disciplined and do what you can to keep your fitness…and progress it!

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