How to build your mindset

You need to have a ‘can do’ attitude. You need to believe in yourself. 
​​​​​​​You need to be positive. You need to be disciplined. And you need to be able to push through pain when it starts to hurt.

How do you grow that mindset then?

​​​​​​​I don’t know the secret (I don’t think anyone does). But what I do know are some actionable steps you can take that definitely help me… and I’m sure will help you if put into action.

​​​​​​​1. Surround yourself with positivity. 

If you want to cultivate a positive mindset, you need to surround yourself with it. In ​​​​​​​the car, listen to motivating podcasts (like mine!). Read positive and motivating books. Get around inspiring and positive people. Get riding with riders fitter and faster than you.
I bet they don’t moan about the climbs hurting or the weather while you are out riding. Obsess with it. You need it to surround you. If you only have negativity around you, you will really struggle to get a positive mindset. Read my Facebook and Insta. Follow these emails. Get in the Facebook group.

2. Be very conscious of your words

Start to catch the words you say. What you say out loud repeatedly persuades your subconscious it’s true. I had a client yesterday. She told me she ‘can’t’ do an exercise. I said – “no, you struggle right now”. “Same thing!” she said. They are COMPLETELY different.

If you say you ‘can’t’ clean that climb, you right off the idea. If you say “I’m not sureif I’m fit enough” you open up the possibility. You can then get productive and ​​​​​​​start to think – “ok, well if I just pace myself. If I get some music on to ​​​​​​​distract me. If I repeat positive phrases, I may be able to do it”. Never use the word can’t.

3. Body language 

Your body language is very important. If you are head down, shoulders dropped, slouched down, you are going to feel like shit. Try it now : Stoop down​​​​​​​in your chair, put your head down, do a frown, bring your shoulders close together, put your arms between your legs. How do you feel? Try it now. Like crap right? Weak. Down. Sad. Really down and in the dumps.

Ok – now try this. Stand up tall on your feet. Shoulders back. Smile like you’ve just been told you won the lottery. Head up – look forward. Legs shoulder width apart. Stick your chest up like a gorilla. How do you feel now? Positive. In control. Much better. If you are in the 1% of people ​​​​​​​reading who actually did that you will see the difference body language makes to your mindset.

4. Vision

You need to know where you are going. A positive vision does wonders for your motivation. Where are you going? Do you want to complete a race? Do you​​​​​​​want to get fit for a riding holiday? You need a clear goal that excites you. You then need to know…

5. Your why 

Why do you want to get fitter, faster, stronger and healthier? One of my biggest why’s for being fit on the bike and in shape, is because I want to inspire you to do the same. Everyday I ‘speak’ to 75,000 people over my social media and this email list. I try to inspire you, them, to get fitter and to believe in themselves. So, I’d better do it myself! That really motivates me to do. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. We oftendo more for others than we would for ourselves. Sometimes ona tough climb (like Monday) where I want to stop, I will literally imagine 75,000 people watching me do the climb. Would I stop with you guys and girls watching? HELL NO! Who do you want to inspire? Who do you want to help by getting fitter? What’s your why?

There are so many other things I could go into. Getting your mindset right isn’t something that comes by accident. It’s lots of positive actions that all add up, over time, into a strong and positive mindset.

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