Trail-Focus: Rother Valley Country Park

Just on the outskirts of Sheffield, this place has grown over the years as has its affiliated club. Rother Valley Riders (RVR) is labelled as “the biggest mountain bike club in the UK”…

But what are the trails like? How does the place compare to Lady Cannings, Grenoside and natural terrain in the local vicinty?

Personally, I’m a converted fan. I never used to be. However, I raced the midlands XC round there last year and found the course to be the most fun in the series. The event was also run brilliantly and the group running it (RVR) were so passionate about the event being a success I gave the place a second chance. And boy I’m glad I did.

The trails are less flowy than Lady Cannings, less gnarly than Grenoside and not as steep. They are labelled as red runs, but I would class them as blues personally. They aren’t steep or difficult to ride on, but this doesn’t make them any less enjoyable.

Personally, the drive to Rother Valley is the same as the drive to Cannings and for me, there is more at Rother Valley to warrant me going there over Cannings, unless I’m throwing in Devil’s Elbow and surrounding areas. Doing this however makes Cannings the weakest part of that ride.

So, for me Rother Valley fits nicely into Sheffield’s MTB scene as a great place for advanced, or beginner riders to go and work on fitness or skill. My only criticism of the place is there is a lack of jumping areas, but these are minor gripes on a fantastic XC loop.

This loop was 13.1 miles for me and just over 1000ft of climbing. It was a smashing little leg spinner with some really good single track, incorporating all of the trails (that were open) at the park and looping together at a constant pace with no need to get off the bike more than a couple of times.

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