How do you see yourself?

I was chatting to a client yesterday about one of the biggest components of losing weight (and of any achievement really)and that’s how you see yourself and how you believe you are.

If you see yourself as a fat person because you’ve always been fat, then you will really struggle to get the weight ​​​​​​​off long term ​​​​​​​You have to work on seeing yourself as a slim person, just carrying ​​​​​​​some extra weight temporarily. 

You have to be able to clearly see how you want to be, and believe that’s who you are.

It’s the same with riding.

If you see yourself as the pack leader… you will lead the pack more​​​​​​​often than not. If you see yourself as the one who struggles along at the back… then that will be you.
Of course, you need to do the work to make that vision and belief a reality, but the vision and the belief are crucial. 

Without them, you’ll spin your wheels. Get results for a couple of weeks. And then fall back again! 

Food for thought for 2019.

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