A way to spice up your riding

Some quickfire tips today. No structure. No focus. I’m just going to write random tips as they come to me… If you always ride the same trails, straight out of your door, the riding can get stale. 

How excited are you on the morning of a great ride when you are heading somewhere you’ve never ridden? 

It feels fresh, exciting and new. Make an effort to ride new trails as often as you can. It keeps you motivated, focused and excited to ride… but it also benefits your skills and fitness too. If you know every best line to take, you don’t need to think. If you always ride the same climb, you know how to pace yourself and may not work quite as hard.

One of the best things for my riding I did last year, was actually a simple thing…
I got a roof rack fitted to my car. I leave it on permanently.

It’s so good. It’s a double, so whenever me and my mate want to go ride somewhere there’s no faffing. We just throw the bikes​​​​​​​on the roof and head out. It particularly helps on those shorter rides. You can just drive 10 mins down the road, which might be a 30/40 min ride there and the same back!

It’s one of my aims for this year – to ride as many new trails as possible. SpecificallyI want to ride 6 new trail centres this year!  

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