5 traits every mountain biker needs

In today’s post, I want to share 5 traits a successful rider needs to build. 

It takes a lot to be a wicked mountain biker.

You need the self belief to know you can do it, before you’ve done it.

You need a great sense of humour, for when you get that third puncture in the lashing down rain, miles from home.

You need to be ambitious so you are always aiming to improve and get better as a rider. 

You need to be a hard worker. Mountain biking is hard. It takes effort. It takes graft. 

Finally, you need discipline. It’s hard to get out and ride in 40mph winds when it’s dark and cold. 

It’s hard to do those intervals when you are shattered. It takes discipline! 

​​​​​​​Have a think on which you need to improve most… then get to it 🙂 

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