The joy of mountain biking

I’d like to talk about the joy that mountain biking brings to our lives.

When I say joy I mean the pure kid at Christmas, whooping in delight kind of joy. A feeling I had all but forgotten in recent years.

A joy that pure is something I had lost touch with, I think the depression had hoovered up my sense of fun along with other key parts of the person I used to be and am slowly returning to. An activity that gave me the kind of joy I mentioned above was something I associated purely with childhood and I think a lot of you may be the same.

As adults we are told to be sensible and not to take to many risks. After all, as an adult we have more responsibilities that our younger selves could ever think of. We have bills to pay, jobs to get to and people that depend on us. Long days leave us feeling drained and stressed and that feeling of childish joy takes a major backseat in our lives.

Then, I found mountain biking and the feeling of joy came back to me in a sudden rush, I was hooked after one ride. My first ride on a mountain bike since I was a kid was in one of the wettest setting you can imagine, puddles everywhere, rain coming down in sheets, getting stuck in boggy grass! Who knew getting drenched would be so fun! I peddled my way through puddles the size of swimming pools and loved every minuted of it.

This feeling hasn’t gone away with time and I think it is an integral part of why we keep coming back to mountain biking no matter how many times we hit the deck or something happened that scares us witless.

That feeling of joy has been instrumental in bringing a sense of fun and playfulness back into my life that hadn’t been there before, shining some light back into the darkness. Whooping with joy as you hit a jump and the grin that you can barely hold back is such a good feeling you can’t help but want to go back for more.

This feeling is multiplied when you ride in a group, you have people to encourage you to do things you may not attempt on your own, they will show you something you didn’t know before and when you all nail a feature, the feeling of joy and accomplishment you all feel together is something that can leave you smiling to yourself for days afterwards!

Keep smiling folks, it’s some of the best medicine around.

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