How to motivate yourself to train or ride when you can’t be bothered

It gets us all.

You plan to train in the evening after work. You look forward to it all morning, but as it gets later in the afternoon your motivation gets less and less.

Right now I’m sat at home writing this email and my motivation to train tonight is round about ZERO.


Here’s what to do when you cannot be arsed training or riding to get you off the sofa and in the gym/on the bike!

1. Get a coffee

Yes… you shouldn’t have coffee after 2pm, but every now and again won’t do you any harm.

A black coffee with coconut oil will give you a spike of energy and focus

2. Have some food

Often, low motivation and energy can simply be down to a lack of food and you being hungry. Get some food down you!

3. Watch a motivational video

While you drink your coffee and eat your sweets, pop a video on that gets you energised and motivated.

It might be a riding video.

Or a motivational video.

Or even the opening scene to Top Gun (awesome scene right!?)

Whatever gets you going.

Spend 10 mins doing this and then…

4. Get your riding/training gear on.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it yourself.

When you get your riding gear you just feel ready to ride. it’s like a switch goes in your brain.

You associate riding gear with riding, and your body just mentally starts to prepare.

Same with training gear.

So… get up and get your gear on and then…

5. MOVE.

Get up and move around.

Do 10 pressups and 10 squats.

Or a quick 5 minute walk.

Or splash some water on your face.

Or stretch a little.

Just get up and move. Movement gives you energy and gets you in the mood.


6. Put on some music!

Pop your headphones on and get some high energy music on and keep it on while you ride and train!

And THAT is how you get motivated to train when you cannot be bothered.

Notice the steps start off with easy to do options that you enjoy.

Everyone loves a coffee and some sweets.

Watching a video is easy.

As it getting dressed.

The small steps gradually move you towards training/riding

Yes…it takes discipline.

But these 6 steps make it easier.​​​​​​​

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