How to develop grit

I was at a mini-seminar this morning with a couple of speakers.

One was an ex-royal marine sniper.

He’d been in some crazy situations. Crashed helicopters (twice). He’d been trapped in mine fields. And after the marines he was hired by MI5 to spy on Russian Gangsters!

He’d run the Marathon des Sables recently, a 6 day 251km ultramarathon, and finished in the top 20%. At one point in the race he was peeling his toe nails off.

Really interesting guy.

​​​​​​​At one point he got talking about grit – the ability to get our heads down and keep on going when it gets tough.

​​​​​​​He was asked how someone develops grit.

He answered two ways :

Through trying things that put us out of our comfort zone and challenges us. In other ​​​​​​​words, through practice.

In his 2nd part was a really cool acronym for grit, that is massively useful for us riders :

G: Get a grip on the situation (and see what is happening and what is actually real, and what is in your head

R: Remember why you are there in that situation, and what others have given up for you to be there

I: Influence what you can (and forget about what you can’t)

T: Take​​​​ake one more step. Just take one more and keep going.

​​​​​​​I thought it was a really awesome takeaway, I just wanted to share ​​​​​​​it with you tonight.

Have a cracking weekend.

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