ALine Top Tips: Go Slow to Go Fast

Our 7th Top Tip for 2018 is in go slow to go fast!

I know what you are thinking, this sounds like an oxymoron? How can going slow actually make you go faster? Read on to see how.

Making a conscious effort to ride a bit slower is something ALine talks about a lot on our coaching days. The reason behind this is that on most rides we like to find our limit, or get close to it, as this is when we feel alive on the bike and we get that rush of endorphins that keeps us coming back for more. However when we are at our limit, we typically plateau in our riding speed and we go into a semi survival mode – this often means technique can take a bit of a back seat.

Instead, I challenge you to on the next few rides, actively try to ride a bit slower, say 60% of your normal riding speed and really concentrate on the technique and skill required to ride the trail features. This way you are allowing your brain to put technique back in the centre of focus, allowing you to slowly expand your comfort zone down a trail. You will find that with practice your new limit, or baseline speed, will be faster.

This is a technique I always employ when riding. I try to on the first couple of runs (and sometimes on my last one too), just concentrate on technique and remove a bit of speed from my riding. This gets my brain switched on to focusing on technique. This way, when I open the taps, that technique is better embedded as an automatic process.

Let ALine know what you think and your experiences with going slow to go fast.

Have fun out there and keep it rubber side down.

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