Overcoming your weakness

I think it’s really important to identify potential stumbling blocks and take actions to try and stop them from affecting you.

A good example –

​​​​​​​I’m really busy with MTB Fitness at the moment (which is wicked). But it means it’s been difficult finding time to train and ride.

Often I’ll get to the time I should be riding or training, feel guilty for not working and panicked I won’t finish what I need to… and then just carry on working.

It’s fine to do this every now and again. But repeat this over a few weeks and months and it will have real negative effects.

So, how do I get over it?

Where I can, I’ve arranged to meet riding buddies and friends to train with. Usually my best mate Ozzy.

When i’ve committed to a time to train or ride with him I always show.

Thats my way of not skipping them.

Meeting someone else means I always do the ride or workout. Of course, when I do, I feel miles better mentally and physically for it and I work harder, better and get fitter.

The key, is to assess what are your potential roadblocks, and put things in place to help you get past them

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