Fear and Loathing in the Peak (or The Alps)

Most of us come across moments while out on our bikes, or snowboards, or skateboards,  where we freeze.

We stop what we where about to do and take a pause.
We imagine the worst that can happen, the scenario involving a helicopter, a prolonged stay in hospital, the financial implications of which could have long term effects.

There are two  group of people who do not do this.

  1. Those with the skills, confidence and experience to achieve
  2. Those with neither of the above but a dumb belief in their own ability to achieve things they have neither trained for or experienced.

Lets ignore group 2. They are the lads and lasses we see with no helmets, hitting the biggest kickers, wearing trackie bottoms, and finishing their days in A&E.

Group one though have trained. Some for years, they have taken advice, critiqued their own performance, and taken critique from others.

If you find yourself in the Fear, Freeze, Walk situation, find a coach. Take some training.  Build those solid foundations. Who knows, the next time you may hit that feature full speed…



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