A nutrition lesson from today’s podcast interview

I interviewed downhiller Jack Reading today for the MTB Fitness Podcast which I’ll be launching over the next few weeks.

I think you’ll really enjoy it.

One thing we spoke about, was just how important nutrition is.

​​​​​​​If you want to be fit on the bike and have optimal energy levels, recovery and performance on the bike, then you need to eat right.

One thing that jumped out, and its the same with anyone I speak ​​​​​​​to who has their nutrition on point, was how he could tell me exactly what he eats day-day without breaking a sweat.

​​​​​​​Generally, when I ask someone with a ‘bad diet’ what they eat, they ummm and ahhh and take 5 minutes to think of everything they ate yesterday.

The reason this is important, is the more focused you are on you food choices, the better you generally eat.

​​​​​​​Could you tell me everything you ate yesterday? Would it be good?

A simple way for you to improve your nutrition is to write a food diary. Everyday, write down everything you eat as you eat it.

It’s a great way of holding yourself accountable to your nutrition!

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