What to do when you are ill

Everyone get’s ill. It’s unavoidable.

​​​​​​​So, what do you do when you are poorly?

Do you ignore it and train anyway? Do you push through it and go for a big ride?

It’s all about listening to your body and seeing just how you feel. I’ve been ill this weekend and feel crappy today. Heads banging. I’m sneezing every 2 minutes and my throats killing. I’ve only eaten one meal today.

In short… it would be STUPID for me to go for a ride today or to lift some weights. The most that would be sensible, would be going for a really easy walk. At most.

In a couple of days though, I’ll be on the mend and will be training ​​​​​​​or riding again.

The first ride or training session, will be easier than normal. I won’t push to the max and will build it back up steadily. When I’m ​​​​​​​feeling completely better, I’ll be back at it as normal.

So, to answer, what should you do when you are ill?

​​​​​​​You need to listen to your body, and make a judgement and go off of that. Sometimes you’ll only be a little ill and can ride or train… and it will make you feel better.

​​​​​​​Other times you need to rest up and let the illness past.

Listening to your body is the right way to go 🙂

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