Sore legs

I had a new one to one (in person) client start with me.

After his initial nutrition and postural assessment sessions he was ready to get started.

He wanted to see results fast and wasn’t afraid to work hard… so I started him with a fairly tough session. We did legs. I warned him that his legs would be very sore Sunday morning but it would get better the next time he did it and that it would be the worst it was going to be on Sunday.

I said “chances are you’ll barely be able to walk for a couple of days… but it will get easier… and the benefits on the bike will be massive”

He admitted when I saw him later in the week –

“I thought to myself, yeah right, what does this guy know?! I can ride 70 miles! I think my legs will be just fine”

Cue waking up Sunday and he could barely walk. His legs were killing.

The thing is – no matter how hard you ride and how far you can ride… you only work your legs in a certain way on the bike.

Lifting weights in the gym (or doing bodyweight sessions) works your muscles in ways they just cannot be worked on the bike.

This means you can get rid of any muscle imbalances

Have better posture.

Get much stronger legs than just riding alone.

And will see real benefits on the bike.

It doesn’t matter whether you can ride 70 miles, 150 miles or only 10 miles. If you start to lift weights or do bodyweight sessions at home you will see MASSIVE changes on the bike.

Just be prepared to be sore the day after your first couple of sessions!

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