Should you ride with someone?

My mate Ozzy has been off the bike for the past 5 weeks (since he nearly broke his neck and ended up getting air lifted to hospital… the moron!)

Today’s our first ride back.

It’s reminded me how important it is to ride with other people where you get chance.

I’ve got a load to do at the moment with the advanced programme launching soon and 3 other projects for MTB Fitness that are keeping me busy!

Tonight it would be REALLY easy to skip tonight’s ride.

Even if I did go out, it would be easy to cut it short or to go at a chilled pace because I’ve ‘had a busy day’

Having the ride in with Ozzy means I know I’ll work hard on the bike. I’ll be distracted chatting to him so I won’t be thinking about all the things I ‘should’ be doing. And it means I’ll definitely do the ride!

I class myself as highly motivated, yet I still know the massive benefits of training with someone else.

It’s worth considering it, if you don’t currently ride with anyone else.

I got Ozzy into riding. So try and talk your mates into it who aren’t into riding.

If that’s not an option, I’ve met a few good riding buddies just from asking at my LBS and asking if they knew anyone I could ride with!

​​​​​​​It’s well worth trying to get into the habit

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