Make it work

Most people who say they ‘don’t have time’ usually could find 20 minutes here or there with a little effort.

I’m currently sat waiting for my 8.30pm client (after a 7.30 cancellation who’s poorly). The lady I’m seeing at 8.30 is really busy with running her own business, looking after her husband and looking after her 2 children… and managing a home… and seeing her family… and trying to have a social life. And a gazillion other things I’m sure she has going on.

So, instead of watching TV, she’s coming to see me tonight 8.30pm-9pm.

Tomorrow morning I have a client seeing me 6.30am-7.10am before he jumps on the 7.35 train to work.

The truth is… it’s about priorities.

I totally 100% understand you have other, more important priorities. So do I. It’s not about saying no to those.

Spend time with your family.

See your friends.

Enjoy time with the kids.

Hold down a busy job.

Grow your business.

But when you aren’t spending time on those priorities… get to work on your fitness!

Squeeze a 30 minute session in first thing or before bed.

Don’t make excuses… make it work

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