Why you should ride in the rain

I’m sat in the car writing this after getting home from a day of clients and it’s legging it down outside.

It seems like as good a day of any to talk about why you should ride in all weathers! Remember, when you ride in the rain you :

– Improve your skills getting better at riding ruts, roots, mud and all other wet obstacles with less traction

– You get mentally stronger. A nice leisurely ride on a summers day doesn’t take much mental strength. Riding in a gale when you are hungry and ten miles from home… that’s going to get you mentally stronger

– It’s fun! It might be hard to get yourself out there, but with the right gear on… it’s fun when you get at it! It’s like being a kid again being covered head to toe in mud!

– Because you want to get fitter and don’t accept excuses, especially not some wet weather!

​​​​​​​Get out there and ride

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