Tips from an emergency

Well the last couple of days have been crazy! You probably know, but my mate Ozzy had a big crash yesterday and ended up being taken by air ambulance, on a spinal board, to the major trauma ward.

We were just off the main trails at Gisburn, which meant for the hour I was on the phone to 999 I was completely alone. It was f##ing scary! I thought it would be useful to share some tips today for making sure you are prepared for a situation like this.

First of all, this is really important, make sure you have an easy to use app on your phone that can give you your exact co-ordinates. It took my 5 or 10 minutes while on the phone (after giving the location with a description) to find the co-ordinates. Search the App Store and you will find an app that gives you your co-ordinates straight away. Download it!

Secondly, always have your phone fully charged and have a backup power charger with you (power bank). I was on the phone to 999 for 52 minutes. If the phone died it would have been BAD. Make sure you have plenty of charge and a backup charger.

Thirdly, carry a first aid kit and a foil blanket. I, embarrassingly, didn’t have these. I will from now on.

Finally, if you are going to push your boundaries and try new lines and bigger drops and jumps, do not do it alone! Ozzy would have been in a mess if he was alone. He knocked himself out and really wasn’t with it.

Answers to the quick questions tomorrow, but I wanted to share this for today’s email.

You never think you’ll be calling an ambulance for your mate, thinking he might have broken his neck… but you might just end up doing!

In the end, the CT scan came back clear. It was a scary few hours though.

The emergency crew who helped were unbelievable. So much respect for them.

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