The final quick questions

What’s the ideal type of food to eat prior to a ride?​​​​​​​

It’s personal. For most people though, protein, carbs and veggies a couple of hours before you ride is ideal. Just a typical kind of meal. If you ride ​​​​​​​in the morning, a couple of hours before you head out you could have some scrambled egg and porridge for example (maybe in separate bowls…). Again, it’s completely personal though. Some people like high carb meals, others high protein and low carb. Experiment with what works for you.

Are you going to or have you considered doing a XC specific fitness plan?

Possibly! It’s not in my plan for the next 12 months currently, but I’m not averse to the idea.

Why am I still getting leg burn waaaaay before my HR has reached even zone 3?

So you need to work on building your leg strength and your lactate tolerance. Weights would be ideal for this. I highly recommend my 12 week programme for this as you can either train with weights in the gym or do bodyweight sessions at home which will help.

You need a mix of heavy weight and low rep work and low weight, high rep work 🙂

Is there such a thing as too much training?

Yes. You need to balance your training with recovery. Your training sessions only work if you can recover fully from them.

Got any good stretches to alleviate pinched nerve in my groin/hip area?

Yes. Try this stretch from my 12 week programme :

and this video I put out a while back :

Just make sure you follow the advice from your physio.

Asthma, can it be controlled?

Yes. Follow the advice from your doctor. Then it’s a matter of being really well paying attention to your body. Pacing yourself. Noticing signs of it coming on. And just trying to be patient with it. Hope that helps.

How do you find maximum heart rate, do you use a heart rate monitor for training and are there advantages to using a heart rate monitor.

So you can signup for a max heart rate test at a uni/sports science institute. Or, more reasonably jump on a static bike with a heart rate monitor, and work as hard as you can and record the top number. This will give you a rough guide.

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