Short questions – Part 3

Can I cycle too often?

NEVER! ;). But yes, you can. You can train and ride, too much. Recovery is just as important as your riding and training. If you ride all the time, but don’t recover fully, you might find you are overtrained and feel weak, lacking energy and tired. If you feel like this, factor in a rest day or two.

What cadence do you prefer for climbing?

Your body is great at finding it’s own natural cadence, which it’s strongest in. I’m quite a lower gear-higher cadence rider. Other people I’ve ridden with are more higher gear-lower cadence. Do what works for you and what feels right.

What are your favourite shorts? See what I did there ?.

hahahah. There’s always one… ;). I know this is a joke, but for winter
riding I have some awesome Gore, waterproof shorts. On a wet and windy day they are SO great to protect from the elements.

Is a wobble board beneficial if you have limited space?

Yes. Any balance work you can do is beneficial

XC or Enduro?

I don’t race. But 100% Enduro. No question. Both to watch and for the type of riding. I enjoy XC riding… but lycra-ing up and having the lightest bike on the skinniest tyres while closely monitoring my HR and Cadence and Power just doesn’t get me going. Absolutely cool for those who love it. For me, enduro-style riding, and Enduro bikes,are much more my thing.

Whats your best tip for completing a 24hr solo on a singlespeed (Mountain Mayhem 2019)​​​​​​​

Pace yourself. Eat and drink plenty. Do as many long rides as you can. Ride multiple days on the trot. Get strong from weight training. Work on your mental strength. I’ve never done one though, so this is purely from my experience as a coach and trainer… rather than from personal experience of doing one.

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