Quick questions – Part 4

I’m 34, an I too old to start racing?

​​​​​​​Hell no! Are you too old to turn pro, after never racing before? Nothings impossible, but the chances are very slim. Are you too old to race for fun though? Absolutely not! 34 is young as anything. There will be so many people reading this thinking ‘I wish I was only 34!’

Handtail or full sus, 27.5 or 29 ?

Well I ride an SB6-T, so Full Suss 27.5!

Hi, will there be an app in the future to ease use of programme?

Potentially. It’s more long term though if it happens. Think 2-3 years in the future long term. I like the idea of a very low priced, monthly subscription through an app. Again, this is far from imminent though and a very loose idea.

Off on holiday with no bike and event, the weekend I am back. Training tip?

Go for runs. Hire a bike for a day or two. Go to the hotel gym and do weights and intervals on the static bike. Do bodyweight workouts in your room/by the pool/by the sea. Eat clean. That should do it 😉

How can I get more confidence on very gnarly stuff?

I’m far from a skills coach. And far from the most skilful and confident descender. For me personally, I find building it up step by step works. Gradually hitting steeper and tricker stuff, step by step. Also, get some skills coaching!

How do you choose where to ride each time as I struggle to decide?

I just pick and go really. It’s mainly down to time. The vast majority of my rides are only 2-3 1/2 hours, which means riding from my door. I have plenty of local descents and climbs (I live right on the very outskirts of the peak district), so I just try to pick a different one each time.

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