Quick questions – Part 1

How to be less tense in technical descents?​​​​​​​

Your mood before the descent makes a big difference. Now, I’m far from a skills coach (Ed: check out ALine coaching and their top tipson these pages for skills coaching), but from personal experience I find when I go into a descent rushed, stressed, over-nervous or trying to get a good Strava time I generally make mistakes and feel stiff. Going into it relaxed and in a more chilled mood can really help.

Do you think Fox 36s are overkill for regular-aggessive trail riding?​​​​​​​

I love mine! I must admit though, if I could have another lower travel bike (130/140mm) for the less intense downhills I would do. If it’s one bike though, I love my 36’s

Easy breakfast no cereal or cooking?

Spanish omelette. Porridge pots. Yoghurt with berries and nuts.

I’ve heard cheese isn’t good for riding. Is this true?

No reason why you shouldn’t eat it if you tolerate dairy ok and are combining it with some carbs (assuming you aren’t purposely eating low carb)

Any tips on improving explosive power on the bike, ie start sprints in enduro races.​​​​​​​

Do standing sprint start intervals. Lift heavy weights (squats, deadlifts, leg presses under 5 reps). Do power exercises (jump squats, step jumps)

Can I do intervals on a singlespeed roadbike?

Sure, just pick a steep hill!

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