A great way to boost your September motivation!

September, for anyone with kids or married to partners in the education sphere (at least here in the UK) always feels like a bit of a ‘mini-January’.

It’s a time to refocus and get back into your routine.

A big part of that, is a focus on your riding and your fitness. You can ​​​​​​​get back into eating right and training regularly.

One thing that can really help your focus with this, is to get an event in the diary to work towards.

A race.

An MTB marathon.

A coast-coast.

A big epic ride.

​​​​​​​Something that has a date on it and gives you a real target to focus on.

It helps on the days where your motivation is lagging. It helps ​​​​​​​you really get laser focused and go all in onto training for the event.

It’s one of the really simple things you can do to send your motivation and effort levels through the ROOF!

It’s something to really think about. It really helps 🙂

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