Lessons from today’s ride

I’m lay on the sofa writing this after a good first ride after about 3 weeks off the bike! (Holiday!)

It felt brilliant to be back on the bike

I thought I would write a few points that have come to mind over the past couple of hours!

– What you eat before a ride makes a big difference

I’ve been jet lagged the past few days, so sleep is all over the place as is my food. I’ve only really eaten a couple of meals a day (vs a usual 4) and I could really notice the difference on the bike today. Don’t underestimate nutrition!

– Riding with a mate really helps motivation!

I would have done a short ride on my own today. Instead, I rode with my mate. When you are on your own (while I do love riding alone), you have more time to think about how you feel tired/weak/hungry. Riding with my mate really didn’t give me that option! We did 3200ft of climbing and 27 miles in the end. NO WAY, would I have done that on my own today!

– A break from the bike can help

A break off the bike is good to boost motivation and really increase that zest for riding. It also helps you recover. 3 weeks, from a recovery point of view, is over kill. In fact, I feel I’ve lost fitness and put on some weight. A week would be perfect though to really help recovery. If you feel yourself stagnating then time OFF the bike can be what you need!

It’s great to be back! I’ll reply to all messages and emails over the next week 🙂

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