Sell the kids!

Follower Keith Nicholson, when asked about his biggest struggle with riding, wrote :

‘Finding time for MTB between working and kids clubs. Can’t give up work as that’s going to pay for my next bike, which leaves me with putting the kids up for adoption. However, the Mrs seems attached to them… any other ideas?’

This made me laugh.

It’s not easy finding the time to ride and train when you have kids and a busy life in general. I’ve trained lots of people who have children. Here’s some tips that have helped for them in the past :

1. Beat them up on a weekend.

That sounds wrong ??. What I mean – is set a super early alarm on a Saturday or Sunday and head out before they do! A 5am ride might sound really early, but if you arrange to meet a mate it will be easier. When you get back home or 7 or 8am you will be really glad you did it.

2. Go with them!

There’s a video that’s been going viral this week of a rider with a kid on a bike behind, attached to his dads bike (I should really know the name for this – a kiddy tandem? ?). Why not get out with them? It might be at a slower pace and it might not be as far, but a ride is a ride.

3. Partner up.

If you have other parent friends, why not partner up. If you and your husband/wife ride, then why not alternate with your friends looking after the kids? One Wednesday you could have your mates’ kids. The week after they have yours. Every other week you have dedicated riding time.

4. Be commited

I understand that when a 25 year old with no kids, tells you to be ‘more commited’ that you might think to yourself ‘it’s ok for him!’. You know it’s true though. You can find a 60 minute gap, at 9pm, twice a week to squeeze a short ride in. You could take the bike to work in your boot and squeeze 30 minutes of intervals into your lunch break. You could ride to work and back. You could ride while they are at swimming club. The possibilities are endless. The key is to look at your week and think – “ok, how can I think outside the box and fit rides in this week?”. If you go in with this mindset, you’ll be much more likely to make it happen.

I hope these help. In a few years, when I have kids, I’ll tell you for real how I personally find the time to ride and look after the kids.

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