Ride-Up: Sherwood Pines

Long Story Short

A fairly non-technical entry into the UK trail centres covering 8 miles and roughly 500ft. No major climbs or descents makes Sherwood Pines perfect for beginners or higher level riders looking to push their fitness against the clock!


Sherwood Pines is always a controversial one due to its lack of descents and elevation, before this trip I had never seen anyone have a good word for the place! I’m happy to say it is a good ride if you manage your expectations, it is similar to Dalby in the lack of elevation and long descents but the work they have put in to make the most of the little elevation they have has really paid off.

We drove from Sheffield on a weekday and it took just under an hour, we managed to get around at a fairly casual pace in around 49 minutes, if you really went for it you would be able to get a much quicker time! The red route shouldn’t be graded as a red, it is a blue route with a few random features that are either rollable or avoidable.

The wild plants on either side of the trail had become fairly overgrown giving the trail a bit of a tunnel vision feel however I would recommend gloves to save cutting your knuckles up. As this is a trail centre I can’t say much more about it other than Sherwood Pines is a fairly flat ride perfect for beginners or people wanting to push their fitness. Don’t turn up with a full face and a DH rig, you could easily get around on a hardtail and set a good time.

We had a little look at the ‘Downhill’ section, this was quite a refreshing area after doing the red route. It has a large wooden rollin leading to a number of downhill routes that split further down all finishing on the pushup route. These runs are worthy of a red grading in my mind, they are steeper than the main red route and have a couple of table jumps. The pushup run should just be ridden it isn’t steep and is nice and wide. Behind the downhill section is the jump park, this looked quite good, we only rode the table line and avoided the double and gap jumps (I like being rubber side down!). Once again, you don’t need a full DH bike for this a hardtail would be a good laugh.

So to finish I’d say Sherwood Pines is worth a trip once or twice a year, I will be going back in the winter to see how well it runs after a downpour and some snow. I wouldn’t make it a new regular riding location as I am closer to the Peak District than Sherwood and for a slightly longer drive I can get to trail centres such as Hamsterley or Dalby. If you enjoy a ride that requires you to actually pedal without mega descents I would recommend Sherwood Pines.

Checkout the Strava activity of this ride here, the route is mostly well sign posted so it shouldn’t need a GPX file.

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