Quick tips to help your MTB fitness

I fancied some quick fire tips today, as they come to mind!

Let’s see what happens.

– Weightloss

If you aren’t losing weight and want to, you are eating more than you are burning. No matter how much you ride or train… you can’t out-train a bad diet. To lose weight, drop your calories.

– Recovery

This is just as important as the hard work on and off the bike. You need to graft… but you also need to recover from it! Make sure you eat well, sleep well and factor in optimum recovery!

– Mindset

Your mindset is more important than anything else when it comes to better fitness on the bike. To be fitter and faster, you have to get mentally stronger! Work on your mind as much as on your body.

– Ride new trails

Exploring new trails (which I’m doing tonight) is one way to

really boost your riding motivation! The more trails you can ride that are new… the better!
– Patience

Finally, results on the bike take time. Work hard, but be patient! They will come! 🙂

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