I’m a bit weird

​​​​​​​It’s started to rain a little here. It’s been sunny for about 10 weeks straight pretty much. It’s been insane!
Now, I absolutely love the sun and the dusty trails. It’s so good.
But there’s something that excites me about it raining. It might sound a bit daft but I get really motivated to go ride in ‘bad’ conditions.
In the back of my mind I know that some people will look outside at the rain and think “I’m not riding in that!” then go crack open a beer.
I find it motivating that while they are doing that… I’m out riding no matter what the weather. It’s stupid really… because I don’t even race. I think it’s motivating though to do what some others
​​​​​​​There’s so many benefits to riding in all weathers.

It toughens you up mentally.

​​​​​​​It improves your technique.
​​​​​​​It makes it physically harder (a muddy climb where you are struggling for traction is a lot tougher than a dry one!)
And it keeps your discipline high – if you’ve committed to a ride at X time on X day, you do it anyway. No matter the weather.

Just my 2 cents anyway for the day, take from it what you will 🙂

​​​​​​​Have a brilliant weekend
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