Tent vs Tarp and Hammock

I have some major weight issues, I refuse to take anything when wild camping that will not fit into my 25l Osprey Adventurer so this limits what I can use. I know there are many variations of bags that allow things to be strapped to a bike, but I believe that if you use all the opportunities then you will end up carrying 20kg of stuff (just in case you need it).

In my Osprey are my sleeping bag, tools, gummy bears, red wine, etc. If I can’t comfortably ride with it on my back then it’s not coming with me, so lightness is the key, and as I can’t reduce the weight of gummy bears, my equipment has to suffer the heavy diet.

So in that search for lighter, smaller my last few wild camps have been hammock and tarp based

tent/pegs/thermarest = 1.9kg
tap/hammock/lines/pegs = 900g

So there is an immediate 1 kilo weight saving, plus space in the bag, as I don’t need a thermarest (sleeping mat).

That alone would be enough to persuade me to use the Hammock setup exclusively. But nothing is ever so straight forward. Here is my list of pro’s and cons for each.

– Lighter
– More comfortable to sleep (for me)
– Needs trees. (none of these on the High Peak)
– Take a long time to set up. (not good in bad weather)
– Less dry storage space for bags/boots
– Wine glass has to be reached down for!

– Sets up in minutes
– “Feels”¬† more secure. as you’re inside something
– Generally some dry storage space for your bag etc
– Can be pitched on any flat land (High Peak)
– Takes longer to locate spot to camp. In dense woodland there are few flat bits of land of anything not overgrown, I often struggle to find a spot to pitch because of bramble, nettle etc.

I like spontaneity, so because of this I tend to carry the tent, knowing that I can camp above the treeline if I desire, but if it’s a planned camp, then hammock every time.

Any comments are welcome.

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