Random brain farts

I want to give some random MTB Fitness tips today. No real structure. No focus. I’m just going to write them as they come to mind.

First up…

​​​​​​​Watch a riding video before you ride

​​​​​​​I mention this often, but you really do want to watch a few riding videos before you ride to get you in the mood, if you haven’t already. My favourite at the minute is the advert for Enve M wheels. This one. It’s sick.

Push your limits bit by bit

There’s a fine line between riding WAY outside of your comfort zone and going too fast, too big, too soon and the flip side ​​​​​​​of staying too safe and too comfortable. To improve your riding you need to push the limits of what you are capable of bit by bit and step by step, each ride.

Get a riding buddy

​​​​​​​I used to ride on my own loads, but now my best mates got
into riding. He lives round the corner and is also a Personal
​​​​​​​Trainer so he has flexible working hours. That means we can ride at the same times. I enjoy riding with him loads and have found myself wanting to get out more and more

Get a new bike or new kit..

​​​​​​​A new bike. Or new kit. Or new components. Or new grips. Anything for your bike will make you want to get out and ride it. If you are in a bit of a motivation slump… buy something for your bike

Keep your bike clean

​​​​​​​You aren’t going to be motivated to ride a bike thats muddy as hell. It​ rides like crap. Make sure you clean your bike after every ride. It only takes 10 minutes and it’s SO worth doing.

Set goals

​​​​​​​Always have a goal to aim towards with your riding. Whether it’s a strava segment time. A race. An event. A distance. Anything. But have a goal to work towards.

So there you go.

Random tips.

​​​​​​​Hope you found something useful in there

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