Trail-Focus: Lady Cannings, Cooking on Gas

Another week another trail closed! Steel city in Grenoside woods is closed as of the 9th April for at least a couple of weeks, Bike Track are revamping a lot of it by the looks of things! Personally I don’t ride the Grenoside area very much but it is still a very popular one, especially on the weekends. The work will be completed quicker and with less disruptions if people avoid it so please ride elsewhere, it will be worth it!

Recently Lady Cannings was closed for resurfacing after the harsh winter we have had. We featured a ‘trail-focus’ of Parkwood Springs as somewhere to ride in the meantime so with Steel City closed we have done the same again on the newly resurfaced Cooking on Gas trail. The work that has been carried out on Cooking on Gas is amazing, all of the ‘mushy’ spots have been leveled off and firmed up, the day we were filming it was almost summer weather conditions and the trail was running perfectly!

The best part of the trails at Lady Cannings is anyone can ride it at any skill level, if you feel it is a bit lacking try sessioning some of the features, there are some interesting lines and features that you don’t normally see when you take the trail as one route from A to B. Or if jumping isn’t for you have a go at getting down faster than your previous best, or climb to the top faster than before, or… if you are a fitness freak the Blue Steel / Cooking on Gas combo is a particular favourite of mine! (Aiming for a sub 10 minute next time).

The point being Lady Cannings has a lot to offer to everyone and with its location being at the start of the Peak District it is possible to link it up to many other rides such as the Blackamoor Loop or the classic Stanage Loop. Please leave Steel City alone and respect the closures that are in place, it makes everyone’s job easier and prevents arguments within the mountain bike community. The wait will be worth it if it’s anything like Cooking on Gas!

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