How I’m losing my fat belly

Over a space of around 6-12 months last year, I gradually put on weight.

I was riding less. Training less. And not eating quite right.

While I was building the 12wk programme, I was basically working all the time, 12-14 hours a day. I ‘didn’t have time to train’ or more accurately, I wasn’t ​​​​​​​prioritising riding and training time. I had some lazy time where I would ​​​​​​​watch TV, chill on Facebook or watch YouTube. I could have ridden or trained then. ​​​​​​​But I made excuses a lot of the time instead

I felt I had to work all the time. But I did have the time to train if I’d sat down and booked it in.

Don’t get me wrong…the work did pay off and I’m glad I spent all that time working.

But, it meant I went into this year at the heaviest I’ve ever been and ​​​​​​​carrying body fat that I’ve never carried before. I went from around 77kg up to 86kg. A gain of 9kg, or nearly 1 1/2 Stone. Most of it fat.

I could really feel it. My belt had grown to the loosest hole (3 holes further). My riding shorts felt tight and uncomfortable. My belly hung over the top of them. I could grip a chunk of fat on my sides. My face looked fatter on photos. And a few people commented that I’d started to get a belly. I also really noticed that I wasn’t as fit on the bike. It felt shit to be honest.

When the 12wk programme launched at the beginning of February, I decided it was now time to allocate time to eat right, ride more and train hard again.

I committed. It’s felt good and I feel miles leaner now.

Sophie commented yesterday for the first time, when I got out of the shower that I ‘looked much slimmer’ and ‘lost your fat belly and sides’. Thanks Soph. haha.

I’m down to about 81.5kg now, so I’ve lost nearly half of what I want to lose in ​​​​​​​the last couple of months. About 3.5kg/half a stone.

So, how have I done it?

1. I’ve prioritised the time to ride and train again.

I made the mental switch to allow myself training and riding time again. I book my sessions in in advance and I make sure I do them. Funnily enough, my work still gets done. And ​​​​​​​if anything, I’m more productive because I have more energy. I’ve been doing 2-3 weight sessions a week. 1-2 rides. And 1 interval session.

2. I’m eating better

I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat less…and to eat better. I went through a phase where everynight after dinner I would start on the biscuits or chocolate or ice cream. My meals were bigger portions. That, combined with not training or riding as much, meant the weight piled on.

Now, I’ve been eating 3-4 meals a day and not really snacking much. I now ​​​​​​​rarely eat chocolate and crap food. Maybe once a week. I’ve just been conscious of eating right and not over-eating.

3. I committed to losing the fat

​​​​​​​The biggest reason I’ve lost the fat though, is simply because I’ve committed to it. Enough was enough. Now it’s time to allow riding and training time as well as working hard. I want to be fit as f**k and be able to ride the legs off anyone I ride with. I used to be there. And I want to get back there.

​​​​​​​I think the important thing to take from this is everyone can pile on the weight. I’m a trainer! I work one-one with clients and teach ​​​​​​​you how to get fitter on the bike. If I can put on fat…anyone can.

You can absolutely get it off though. You can 100% get fitter. I feel so much better.

My stomach is flatter now. ​​​​​​​I feel much better on the bike. And I’m starting to feel good in my t-shirts again.

​​​​​​​I promise you it’s worth the effort. I’ll keep you updated as I keep losing it. I might share a before and after photo at some point too if I can find the photo I took a while back.

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