Have kids? Here’s 3 tips

First of all, if you have kids, I don’t know HOW you do it. I think you must have superpowers. We looked after our niece for the day today. I’m nackered… and I didn’t even have to change the nappies . Respect

It made me think of some tips for you though to make it easier to find the time and energy to train when you have kids. Now these are from personal (limited) experience of baby sitting but also of working 1-1 with LOTS of parents. Here goes :

1. Planning with your partner is mega important

I managed to ride today after our day of baby sitting. Sophie was really kind to take Luna back herself at 4.30pm, so I could go on a ride (she’s a keeper!). Without prior planning and the agreement in place this wouldn’t be possible. Maybe try and set up a night where you ride and your partner baby sits…and a night where you babysit for your partner.

2. Food is important

I now realise how tough it is to eat properly when looking after kids. You need to make it a priority. I started to get STARVING. When this happens your willpower and motivation seriously drops and the idea of the gym or a ride becomes ‘unappealing’ (that’s putting it nicely). Make sure you get your food in and eat decent meals as it will REALLY pick you up. I felt a lot better after a jacket potato. Factor in times to eat when looking after the kids.

3. Pre-Ride psyche up

Now, when Sophie took Luna home at 4.30 I’ll be honest, I could not be ARSED riding. I was shattered. I sat on Facebook for 20 minutes contemplating sacking it off. Instead I did this :

1. I got my riding gear out

2. I put on a riding video (the new Danny MacAskill one)

3. I got into my riding gear while listening/watching the video.

After 2 times through and moving around the living room swinging my arms and getting in the zone I felt MUCH more ready to ride. Don’t underestimate a pre ride psyche up. It helps a LOT. Just getting your riding gear on really helps.

I hope the above was useful. Now to chill

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