ALine Top Tips: Cornering

Cornering is arguably one of the most important skills to learn on a bike. Unbeknown to many, the cornering skill lends itself to a lot of other bike related skills such as jumping.

At one end of the scale, improving your cornering technique opens up many trails by unlocking confidence and skills to approach a trail with, whilst also improving trail flow. There are often features, such as a jump or a drop, that have corners either just before, or just after them. So the better at cornering you are, the more composed you are likely to be when handling other trail features.  At the other end of the scale, racing for those vital split seconds, it is often thought that races are won and lost in corners, as they link sections together, enable you to carry (or not carry) speed down the trail.

ALines Top Tip this month is to find a grassy field, preferably with a bit of a decline, and practice some cornering. Grassy banks are a great tool because a) there is no berm for support so you need to use lots of cornering technique, b) you can really lean on your tyres and test the boundaries of your technique and grip without rocks or hard pack group surrounding you.

If you would like to learn how to really push your cornering technique, then our Flow course is ideal. If you would like to first understand the underpinnings of a fantastic foundation from which to build from, then our Fundamentals Course is for you. Please visit our site (link below) for further details.

Have fun out there and keep it rubber side down.

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