Why I like riding in the snow

I’m a big fan of riding in all conditions. Snow. Rain. Hail. You name it, I like to ride in it.

​​​​​​​The tougher conditions you ride in, the tougher you become mentally as you fight the cold and have to mentally dig deep to keep riding.

The slippy conditions make you better at reading the trail and ​​​​​​​anticipating where you can find grip. They improve your balance ​​​​​​​when your back, or god forbid front, end slips out and you have to catch it. You become much more skillful on the bike.

The deep snow and slippy trails make you fight for traction and require a lot more force to power through. You’ll work your body and lungs ​​​​​​​a LOT harder in bad conditions trying to keep up a decent pace compared to in the spring or summer.
​​​​​​​Finally – I’m a big believer that you set a plan for the week… and then stick at it no matter what. If you say you will train or ride…do it! Consistency and discipline is super important for getting the results you want to see on the bike!
Now, I’m not suggesting you head into the moors in Shorts and T-Shirt.

You need to be aware of the risks and plan your ride accordingly. Layer ​​​​​​​up. Take extra food. Don’t stray too far from civilisation. Have the right tyres fitted << very important. But as long as you look after yourself a ride in the snow is GREAT FUN.

​​​​​​​I’m a big believer in it!

Matt Mooney

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