Recovery is king

As Mountain Bikers it’s our natural instinct to go harder, further and to do more!
Sometimes though, your body can need the opposite of more work.

A follower of the 12 week programme posted in the members group on Facebook, that every time he rode at the moment his legs felt weak and tired, which was making he feel he wasn’t making any progress. In ​​​​​​​fact, he actually felt he was going backwards!

This is a PEFECT example of where taking a week to recover, rather than trying to work harder, will pay dividends.
When you train hard, especially if you are following a hard plan your body isn’t used to (like the 12 week programme), it takes a lot out of your body.
Your legs take a BEATING.
This beating creates micro-tears in the muscle and massively fatigues them.
This sends a signal to your body that they need to get stronger and ‘fitter’.
​​​​​​​With adequate rest, good nutrition and proper recovery, your legs recover and end up stronger than before the workout/hard ride/intervals. They ‘bounce back’ if you like.
Your legs have to take 1 step backwards… to be able to take 2 steps forwards.
The issue comes, where you have a hard workout and have your
legs take that one step backwards… and before proper recovery, hit them hard again… and again… and again. They don’t get ​​​​​​​chance to recover from the beastings you are giving them and so you end up feeling like you are plateauing or just plain weak!
In this situation… you need to schedule in some recovery time.

A week off the plan is what I prescribed. One week where you focus on good sleep, plenty of protein and rest up. Easy rides ONLY and no weights or intervals.

The legs will recover in this week and then feel MUCH better next week.
The problem is exacerbated for this particular follower as he has a physical job, so doesn’t get time to rest up at work.
It’s something for you to consider and apply yourself.
​​​​​​​If you’ve been hitting it hard for a few weeks I STRONGLY recommend ​​​​​​​factoring in some proper recovery.
It’s the difference between amazing progress… or none at all
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