Quickfire tips

I’m in the mood for some random, quick fire tips to improve
​​​your fitness on the mountain bike. No structure, I’m just going to brain dump and see what happens. Hopefully ​​​​​​​you can find some value in some of the points.

Here goes :

– Eat better. There’s a reason every pro-athlete is METICULOUS with what they eat, it makes a massive difference.

– Lose weight. The lighter you are, the easier riding is.

– Stretch more. More flexibility = easier movement on the bike, more power production and less chance of injury

– Do intervals. A couple of times a week hammer out some intervals
on a gym bike, rollers or ‘real bike’

– Ride as much as possible. Need to go to co-op? Ride there. Need to get to work? Ride there. Ride your bike as much as is humanly

– Listen to podcasts on the way to work. Your mindset dictates the actions you take day-day. Do you go to the gym after work or go home? Do you ride hard or take it easy? Do you have the salad or Greggs pasty? Listening to positive podcasts too and from work will help with this

– Train and ride with friends. There’s no greater motivation that riding and training with others. Especially those fitter than you

– Set goals… and reward yourself. A guy, Pytek, just posted in the Facebook group. He’s not missed a workout (following my 12wk plan) in 4 weeks! So he bought a new Evoc backpack. Set goals… and reward yourself for hitting them.

​​​​​​​- Do 15 hard minutes at the end of every ride. Where you would normally ​​​​​​​finish off easy at the end of a ride, go HARD for the last bit. It will help 😉

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