ALine Top Tips: Knee Position

This months ALine top tips is a simple one but a key one. It is something we notice many riders not doing and it has a big impact on your control and thus confidence on the bike.

It comes back down to your posture on the bike. We at ALine work with clients a lot on this as it is such an important part of improving your riding – you need to build from the bottom up to get the most from your progression, and your body position on the bike is a great starting point.

Todays top tip is your knee position.

A lot of riders, especially when feeling nervous, ride with their knees almost pinching their top tube of the bike. The result of this means that you feel less balanced on the bike and less stable, which has a knock on impact to your confidence going down the trail.

Instead, open your knees, as a very rough guide, aim to get your knee’s pointing towards your handlebar grips (on an MTB). This will do two things. Firstly it widens the platform you are balancing on, and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it gives the bike room to move! When you ride with your knee close together the bike moves around on the trail, this results in increased body movement, which is not good as it unnerves the rider. By widening your knee position, the bike can all of a sudden move around between your legs, minimising (key work) the influence the trail is having on your body/head movement.

This will result in feeling more stable and controlled down the trail, which will produce the by product of feeling more confident whilst going down the trail. Look at the picture of ALine coach Anthony above. Coming through this section of trail his knees are wide, giving the bike room to move underneath him, minimising any impact on his trunk and head.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch, there is so many vast improvements you can make by just simply improving your body posture on the bike.

Keep it rubber side down and see you on the trails.

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