A new bike? Hell yes!

Matthew Dawson wrote in the (free to join) MTB Fitness Members Group :

“I start the programme today… looking forward to it! And when I get through it I’m treating myself to a new bike”

It’s a great idea this!

Your brain responds really well to rewards!

​​​​​​​If you can dangle a VERY exciting carrot at the end of your goal then you make it so much easier to stick to and achieve.

In this case, Matthew is using the lure of a new bike to get him to stick to my 12 week programme.

It could be anything though, as long as it excites you.

If you want to enter your first race for example…set a reward of a weekend away in a nice hotel with the other half on your ​​​​​​​successful completion (I’m sure your other half won’t mind that either!)

If you want to lose some weight…set a reward of buying a whole new MTB wardrobe when you lose X amount of weight.

​​​​​​​Giving yourself a real, exciting reward to aim towards just makes it that bit easier to work harder when the going gets tough.

It keeps you focused and gives you that bit extra motivation to keep going!

Well worth it!

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