The Tyler Chorlton Interview

Hey Tyler, how’s things? Hows life in Andorra?
Pretty good thanks, we had a lovely warm summer last year which is nice when you live at 1800m of altitude. Then we rolled into a pretty sweet winter, the snow is off the scale this year!

Okay, so you’re born in the UK weren’t you, but live in Andorra? Is that right? Why Andorra?
Yes my parents split up and left the U.K. when I was 5, mum and the kids grew up in France and in my early teens my dad moved to Andorra and I just had to follow the snow.

I take it you are fluent in french too then?
Indeed and Spanish.

What sort of season did you have last year and this, we saw that you broke your hand last year how that healed up?
Yeah a nice metacarpal break in Stubai pre season to start things off, that then followed as an old elbow injury on the same arm then in china I hurt my other wrist so it seemed to be an arms year last year. Its healed up real well and its full on eurocarve heaven this year!

We see you spent a fair bit of time with the Rusty Toothbrush boys. How did that work out for you?
Best times of the season filming with the rusty crew. They came to Andorra in January last season for a while and we got lots of spots done then end of season we spent a month in California shredding up mammoth and superpark21. The new movie that i’m part of came out a couple of weeks ago #dutyfreecorruption you should check it out if you haven’t already. I will be filming again with them this year.

What were your highlight from last season and this one so far?
Highlight from last season was the Horsefeathers trip to china and the Jibber Jabber week in Serre Chevalier with the LoveInc gang!

So far [this season] the Love Inc Jibber Jabber and the Elbows&Edges events in Lipno and Ovindoli. But there’s a long way to go before the season is over!

Whats on the horizon for you this season then?
Like I said, filming again with rustytoothbrush and I’ve organised a series of freestyle carving contest/sessions called Elbows and Edges which are proving a lot of fun. Taking the progression in a new direction.

What do you enjoy most about the world of snowboarding?
Traveling/seeing the world, airtime and powder turns.

How many boards do you trash in a season?
I usually ride two or tree bataleon boards during the season but I rarely break them, I hand them down to my younger brothers to do finish them.

What is your choice, fingers or mitts?
I’m a Mitts guy! I’ve been riding for Love Inc and working with them on my signature “Chillton” Mitten. They are pretty sweet.

You released the Addicted To Powder range under Horsefeathers a couple of years back? Hows that working out for you. It must be really cool to have such heavy influence on the range?
It’s so great to be able to work so closely with the team on the development of these high products, I want to make sure I’m not going freeze or over sweat while in the backcountry.

Exactly how much influence do you actually have on the range?
It started with Horsefeathers showing me a jacket they thought was going in the right direction, then we tweaked and improved on it and the range naturally expanded. So quite a bit but you obviously always have to take the market into account. It was a similar thing with the gloves, we tweak them every year.

Who are your current sponsors?
Horsefeathers, bataleon/Switchback and LoveInc

And what essentials do you never forget when going out for a winter shred?
My one piece merino ninjasuit and airhole full balaclava. Even on the hottest of days.

Dogs or Cats?
Sausage dogs all the way.

What does the future hold for Tyler Chorlton?
More shredding and more elbow carving and actually I’m about to start on my website where I want an archive of my whole career so far and also a work with me online or in person on removing subconscious mental blocks for anyone trying to get over any sort of fear in sport performance.

So keep an eye out


Check out Tylers part in the new Rusty Toothbrush movie here

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