Ride-Up: Thornhill Loop

Long Story Short

A fun fairly fast paced route over 14 miles climbing 2,000 feet. This route covers a couple of significant climbs that will get the legs going. Best saved for a day that’s had a couple of days without rain previously as a couple of spots are boggy but in general the whole loop runs well in the winter.


This ride starts at the Ladybower Reservoir and follows the wide gravel track for a short 0.9 miles before taking a left turn and climbing up Ruddy Steep! towards the back of Win Hill. This first climb is quite a tough steep one but is a satisfying one to clean and a good test of fitness. From here the route takes a left descending down to Aston along the route called Down to Aston. There are a couple of gates along the way so keep an eye out for those! This was my first time descending down this section as I normally climb up it, it is always interesting to ride your regular routes in reverse but keep an eye out for people climbing up!

After the descent from Win Hill there is a short 1.6 mile stretch on the road into Brough, once over the bridge the route turns left and onto the final major climb of the route Stretfield road to Duper lane, this is a 1.9 mile stretch of road that becomes a gravel track then a bridleway climbing a total of 704 feet. After a quick breather at the top it is time for the final few descents of the route known as Enduro: Offerton. This is a wide fast descent to begin with before a minor climb then flat out towards a gate that takes you onto Offerton Moor before a final more single-track like descent. Keep an eye out for walkers and sheep along this section, also just before the end of it there is a river that’s caused a build up of water so the ground is quite soggy and deep at the moment!

After the descent from Offerton there is a steady 1.2 miles on a bridleway behind Hope Valley before heading back towards Thornhill and onto the Thornhill Trail for roughly 2 miles back towards Ladybower Reservoir. This route is only 14 miles but has a couple of good solid climbs totaling a little over 2,000 feet, a good one to keep the legs going over the winter months. It does get a little boggy in a couple of places but if ridden after a few dry days it makes for a nice quick loop around Thornhill.


Here is a link to the Strava activity for this ride: Thornhill Loop

You should be able to export this ride as a GPX through clicking on the wrench icon then use it for yourself to do this ride, alternatively, there are free GPX’s available to download from the Dialled MTB GPX files page.

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