Ride-Up: Parkwood Springs

Long story short

A short 1.1 mile blue graded loop with enough jumps, rock gardens and berms thrown in to have a good laugh with mates or to be used as a training route. Thanks to the surface of the trail Parkwood can be ridden in almost every weather situation without needing to worry of it being unrideable.


So following on from my Ride-Up of Greno Woods (You should check it out if you haven’t already!) I decided to do another ride within Sheffield at Parkwood Springs. This is a different type of ride, it isn’t very difficult but does provide satisfying descents and climbs that make it worth visiting if the weather hasn’t been too great or you want a laugh with your mates.

First of all I did the blue loop starting at the main entrance to Parkwood followed by a short climb to the top of the descent. The descent is broken into three sections with the second one having the optional red route. The full descent drops you down around 188 feet over 0.4 miles, the way that the route has been built it flows very nicely between berms and the jumps in between fit in perfectly. All of the jumps are rollable just like the ones at Lady Cannings. Once at the bottom of the descent the route climbs nicely up through the woods to the main entrance to the park with a minor descent half way up to keep things a bit more fun. This first loop only took me 10 minutes at a fairly casual pace (My PB being 8m 51s) the thing to remember about Parkwood is anyone could come here and have a fun ride, anyone could come here and have a hard ride as well depending on how much they push themselves.

I rode back up the first climb and stopped off at the start of the Dual Track, this is a really fun feature of Parkwood that isn’t like anything I have ridden before. It is a short descent with berms and a few rollers that has an identical track next to it, I have been here with friends in the past and raced against them and it is one of the most fun things to do on a bike! Just be careful if you do the jump at the bottom of the track as the landing to it is part of the first descent on the blue loop.

From here I set off down the second descent but took the red option, the jump onto this section always catches me out so I would advise doing a sighting run first. After the jump comes a nice few berms then a small drop into a rock garden before a few tabletops then joining back onto the blue route.

To finish I feel that Parkwood Springs is a good ride for almost every rider, it can be as easy or hard as you want it to be, it all comes down to how hard you push yourself. If you go to Parkwood with a few friends it is always a laugh regardless of the weather, have a race on the dual track and fall off washing out because you were pushing it too hard, it’s all part of the fun! If you are in Sheffield and haven’t been to Parkwood yet I would recommend it, I wouldn’t drive for longer than 20/30 minutes for it but it’s very impressive that such good fun can be had within a city.

I hope you enjoyed this Ride-Up, as I mentioned before check out the previous ‘Sheffield MTB’ Ride-Up from Greno Woods. There are a couple more places that I might visit in Sheffield but hopefully the weather is better next week and I can venture back into the peaks!

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