Ride-Up: Greno Woods

Long story short

A reliably fun quick blast within a 20 minute drive from Sheffield city center. Three official descents; DH3, Steel City and Pub Run. A different type of ride to my usual ones covering very little distance but packing a lot of the fun that comes with riding in the peaks without as much climbing!


This is a completely different ride to my usual ones and the second time I have ever been to Greno! Coming back from a few days with a stomach bug I fancied a ride that would be reliably fun but wouldn’t require me to spend a long time in the middle of the peaks, Greno was the answer! I drove out to the main car park and crossed over Woodhead Road into the woods where I had a quick spin up to the start of DH3.

DH3 is graded a black run but I would say it’s a very tame black run, there are some larger jumps in it but you can ride down the whole descent without needing to jump anything. There are some rock gardens to look out for and a couple of large tabletops that are a lot of fun if you keep the tyres towards the ground not the sky.. I always find it a bit strange how it suddenly ends at the bottom, it just seems to me that a proper ending was never made. From the bottom of DH3 I looped around back to the top for a blast down the Steel City descent.

The Steel City descent is graded as a red route, personally I think this is a fair grading when you consider the features of the descent, it has a fairly well known gap jump part way down it then a little further down it splits into two, left for a black section and right for a red section. I took the red section then followed it down to the bomb hole. For those of you who haven’t done the bomb hole before I recommend following someone who has done it before to get a good idea of speed. This time around I got a little confused in my line and ended up taking the more mellow line but as long as you stay confident, lean back and loosen up ready for the landing you will be fine.

Finally it was back up to the top for the third descent called Pub Run. This is my favourite of the three official descents in Greno and I feel like it’s the most tame of the three. I feel it flows a lot faster than the other two and the section that opens up as you come out of the woods feels really fast! There are a few jumps but nothing as big as the other routes. Pub Run reminds me of Blue Steel in Lady Cannings due to the way it flows. Once at the bottom it was time to go back up towards the car park and off to work, only 3.3 miles of riding done over half an hour but it was seriously fun!

So in review I would say that Greno Woods is a fun ride if you want to have a laugh with your mates but don’t fancy spending hours in the Peak District. I used to ride BMX and it almost reminds me of going to a skatepark to ride as it’s always open and always a reliably good, fun ride. There are a lot of bridleways around the Greno Woods area so maybe in the future I will revisit and do a more substantial ride. Keep an eye out for my next Ride-Up and check out my previous one here: https://dialledmag.com/2017/12/ride-up-ladybowerderwent-loop/

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