Review: Magicshine MJ-906 + MJ-900 Ultimate Bike Light Night Combo

This set includes:

* Claimed 5,000 Lumen Light.
* Claimed 1,200 Lumen Light.
* Rear (Red) Flashing Light.
* 2x Charging Station/packs.
* Secure Helmet Strap.
* 2x li-ion Battery’s.
* Velcro & Rubber Straps.
* Battery Extension Cord.
* Battery Power Splitter.

I ordered these lights between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, whilst Magicshine were closed, hoping to have them for the 4th/5th when they re-opened for 2018. On the morning of the 4th I received a phone call, saying “I had paid for next day delivery, it will be refunded and my lights will be here next day via Royal Mail Signed For”. This, in my eyes, is excellent customer service.

Next day on receiving the lights the first thing I noticed was the great amount of protection on the packaging, this allowed both boxes to arrive without dents/marks.

Upon opening both lights, only the larger of the 2 batteries worked. With one quick phone call to Magicshine customer services, they sent me out an ‘upgraded’ battery via next day delivery with UPS.

Other than the issue sorted by Magicshine , the lights are ready to roll straight of the box. After several hours of testing in the rain, I have found that these lights are extremely durable and waterproof. With the wet and sludgy conditions I had plenty of crashes, with the lights taking the brunt of the force; both lights came out unscathed, without marks.

Image: Top – No light/1200 lumen light. Bottom – No light/5000 lumen light

During testing I found the lights put out a lot of heat, because of this the metal outer casing can get considerably hot, although, the outer case has been designed to allow air flow which results in regulating the heat of the lamps; With that being said, the heat does not affect the battery.

I haven’t, as of yet, found the full length of the run time, the longest I have used both lights is 4 hours continually on a medium setting, which I found adequate for any kind of night riding, this based on riding a well thought through route of long open climbs and short steep descents, with some aggressive DH trails.

The only downside to this light set is the helmet mount. The mount fastens to your helmet with a Velcro style strap – this isn’t as secure as a sticky mount similar to GoPro’s mounting system. The bar mount however, works extremely well and doesn’t wobble or move at all.

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These lights were purchased from Magicshine at the cost of £165.98 (Not Inc. P&P). This is not a paid endorsement.

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